About me


“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known” – Carl SaganĀ 

Welcome to my Blog! I am Anuj Ghimire, a Zoologist by profession. Passionate about wildlife research, I venture into the wilderness quite often. My curiosity for understanding the phenomenon of nature has led me to study Zoology. My primary interest lies in Evolution and Ecology. My love for Science, wildlife, mountains and Nature as a whole is something that fuels me up to go to greater lengths to achieve what I seek. I am pursuing my aim of becoming an Evolutionary ecologist and a Science Communicator. As a part of promoting science I run various blogs specifically addressing scientific articles. Apart from that, I am an avid trekker and I love cycling.
Thank you for you time! I hope you enjoy my posts, feel free to give me feedback and of course feel free to contact me if you need to or have to or something along that line!


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