How to do the Ghorepani-Ghandurk Trek??

Ghorepani-Ghandruk trek is a fun and a very short trek. It gives you the “Himalayan” Experience without getting into the “Actual” Himalayas. And the view from Poon hill is almost unbeatable among all the trekking routes in Nepal. It’s a short trek and relatively easy, so I recommend you to definitely keep this trek in your bucket list as well. 

How to go there?

The gateway to Ghorepani-Ghandruk trek is Nayapul, about 2-3 hours (46 km) drive from Pokhara. Getting there is pretty easy, you can take a microbus/bus that goes to either Beni or Baglung, as the driver to drop you off at Nayapul. From Nayapul, you have to walk for about 20 minutes to Birethanthi. It’s better to end Day first at Birethanthi, because the microbus might leave you at Nayapul pretty late. If you are early then you can attempt to go up to Tikhedhunga which is about 2 hours (7 km) from Birethanthi. The next morning you can start early on, if you do so, you might as well reach Ghorepani by the end of the day. Or if you stay at Tikhedhunga then you will definitely reach Ghorepani at the end of the 2nd day.

The trail from Birethanthi is quite easy until you reach the stairs of the hill of Ulleri, which can be pain in the back for some people, but it will definitely drain your energy. The distance from Tikhedhunga to Ghorepani is about  12 km, it will be a long days walk. Climbing higher and higher along the stone steps of the trail you pass through small villages at times. You can have your lunch at Banthathi after the tiring climb for about 3 and half to 4 hours. Ghorepani isn’t that far from Banthathi, about one and half to 2 hours at most.

Ghorepani is a small settlement in the middle of the forest, lower Ghorepani has a pretty bad view, to get an early morning view of the Mountains you might want to stay at the upper Ghorepani, which is just about 5 minutes above the lower one. There’s practically no difference but if you enjoy an early morning mountain few right from the comfort of your room, you might prefer upper Ghorepani. But, at the end you will wake up early and head off to Poon Hill for the mountain view so there’s no logic in that as well.

The next morning, wake up super early, the walk up to Poon Hill (3210 meters- If you keep on forgetting the altitude of different places you have been, just remember that the altitude of Poon Hill is super easy to remember, just go down from 3 to 0) is about 45 minutes to 1 hour from Ghorepani, you might want to start before the crack of dawn. You’d not want to miss the sunrise or the mountain view at all. The view of mountain ranges from Poon hill is absolutely amazing, and like I mentioned before it’s surely unbeatable.

Mountain ranges seen from Poon Hill: 


Mount Dhaulagiri- 7th highest mountain in the world

Annapurna 1

Annapurna I (10th highest mountain in the world) , Annapurna Fang and Nilgiri

South Annapurna

Annapurna South and Machchapuchhre

Anna II

Annapurna II and Lumjung Himal

Descend down to Poon hill after the photo sessions and sessions of mountain views, sunrise and everything else. Then being your trek to Ghandurk. It’s going to be a long days walk, about 7-8 hours walk to Ghandruk. You can have your lunch at Deurali and then start descending down to Banthathi, from there its a up and down the hill to Tadapani. A small settlement but with an amazing view of the Annapurna South and Machchapuchhre. From Tadapani, Ghandruk is just about two and half hours. If you’re too tired by the time you reach Tadapani, you can end the day here. If not, then continue on to Ghandruk. Regardless of where you stay that day, you will reach the same place the next day i.e. Pokhara so no need to rush.  Or you can stay at Ghandruk for an extra day as well.

Ghandruk is a beautiful village, with traditional houses and an amazing backdrop of Annapurna South and Machchapuchhre. You can visit the local museum there try on the Gurung dresses and enjoy the local culture. The next day you can enjoy an amazing sunrise and then head of to Kyumi to get a jeep or bus to Pokhara or to Kathmandu depending upon your time.


Microbus to Nayapul: Nrs 550

Nrs 1000/per person will be more than enough for each day (excluding alcoholic beverages). May be 1500/day for Ghandurk.

You don’t need to worry about phone network or charging its available at almost all the lodges and stops.

I hope that the blog was helpful to you! If it was please don’t forget to share! And if you have any confusions, feel free to comment below! Thank you for reading!

Happy Trekking!! And PLEASE do not throw plastics or any rubbish on the trails! Thanks!

Photos (on descending order)

gho 8

The Village of Ghandruk

gho 7

Below the mountains I’ll wait for you

gho 6

The gold of sunlight shines on the Annapurna South at Dusk

gho 5


gho 4

Village of Ghorepani as seen from Poon Hill

gho 3

Welcome to Ghorepani


The Climbing Begins!

gho 1

Ghorepani or Ghandurk?

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