Mountains seen from Kathmandu

Mountains are the essence of Nepal.

And, personally I love mountains, there’s nothing more I enjoy than a good view of mountains, no matter how many times I have seen those mountains. But mountain gazing from Kathmandu valley is truly underrated. You can actually see amazing mountain ranges from Kathmandu, even from dead center in the most urbanized part of the City. So for those people who are interested in mountains and wonder what mountains they see during a clear morning in Kathmandu after overnight rain. This blog is for you.

Let’s start with Sundhara, If you’re on the road or top of the walk-over bridge when you look straight toward the northern side you will see a small peak slightly on the right side (less than 20° to the right) that’s Langtang Lirung. If you’re confused look for Shivapuri peak, the peak of Langtang Lirung rises slightly over the left of the Shivapuri hill. As you glance towards the right side Shivapuri peak, you will see another mountains, with a shape of slightly distorted “m” with the left side of the peak larger (Dorje Lakpa) than the right side (Dorje Lakpa II). The mountains towards right side of Dorje Lakpa might not be visible from exactly that place but as you move towards the Sahid gate ( The Sahid Statue) and as you scale the mountains to the right Dorje Laka you will see Jugal and Purbhi Gyaachu.


Langtang mountain as seen from Sundhara bridge (If it makes you easy to find Shivapuri peak; basically the highest point in the hills on the northern side of Kathmandu then you can figure out where Langtang is) (Photo by : Ishwor Kafle – @ishzz)


Jugal and Purbhi Gyachu as seen from Sahid Gate (Literally the gate!)

Towards the left side of the Langtang lies the Ganesh Himal, you can just see the tip of Ganesh himal (Ganesh II) from that area. The best way to see Ganesh Himal from within the city area is from Thapthali bridge ( In the photo below).  Now let’s assume that you’re on the Thapthali bridge, as you look towards the straight North you see Langtang Lirung towards the right side and then as you look towards Tripureshwor side you’ll see mountains rising above the hills, a sharp peak rises right at the hill which is the Yangra, right next to the Yangra lies Ganesh II followed by Ganesh IV and Ganesh III. If you go the Patan Dhoka then you can see the whole range including Shishapangma, a eight thousander and the 14th highest mountain in the world right from inside the valley.


View from Thapthali Bridge
Kupondole Height
View from Kupondole height
View from Patan Dhoka (These are basically the mountains you’d from Kathmandu valley. To the left of Gangchempo you will see Shisapangma ( The14th Highest mountain in the world) and Langtang and if you can mountain even to the left of Langtang then it’s going be the Ganesh Himal range.)


I have talked about the view of  Dorje Lakpa from Sundhara but I apparently didn’t have a photo of Dorje Lakpa from that place but here’s a clear photo of Dorje Lakpa from Koteshwor (Photo by : Ishwor Kafle – @ishzz)


Ganesh Himal Range (Photo by : Ishwor Kafle – @ishzz)

SO I guess now you guys have a general idea of what mountains you can see from Kathmandu, if you look at the each individual photos then you can clearly identify every mountain and no matter where you are you’ll be able to figure it out.And if you want to go to the outskirts of the city, for instance Ghyampedada you can see Manaslu range and Annapurna Range to the North West from there. And to the North East the Mahalangur range. Also if you go to Chobar, it could be a little tricky with all the pollution and visibility issues but from Chobar Height you can actually see mount everest.

15672656_1060026870792308_7231704011989662203_nThis is a photo by Narayan Maharjan and was publised on Setopati. Everest is the one with the red arrow on top of it. The one to the left of Everest is Kang Nachugo and to the right is Chobutse and Tsoboje.


I hope I have covered everything I needed to. If something else is missing do let me know. And if you enjoyed this blog and if it was useful. Do not forget to share it.

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