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Abdelrahman Hassanein is an outdoor enthusiast and a wildlife photographer from Egypt. His love for nature, specially wildlife and mountains, has taken him to more than 20 countries so far. He is fun person and a good friend. I met him in Kathmandu few years ago. As long as I’ve known him, he’s always been making me jealous with his photos and his travel diaries. Let’s hear what he has to say about traveling. He is one of the person you’d want to hear about traveling, because trust me! He travels a  lot!

The last Tasmanian wolf

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What does traveling mean to you?

Escapade and gain knowledge, great self-investment, meet new friends and taste the life.

What’s the most favorite/ fun/scary memory you have from your travel?

I was pointing my long lens towards a lonely crow, he thought I was holding a gun so he screamed and called his friends suddenly, out of nowhere, I found more than 50 crows flying over my head with noisy threatening sharp calls, I was alone at early morning so I retreated back, they kept following me, came closer so I increased my steps and made it faster with pale face till finely they gave up once I exited their territory! It was a scary moments ironically it happened during short birding trip at my home country, Egypt

Favorite Travel Destination so far?

Tanzania and Nepal.

What’s one thing you always carry with you while you travel?

My friend Tintin. Small plastic figure I used to keep it on my pocket and take photos of him with any famous landmarks

Do you like to travel alone or with someone?

I have tried both, there are many advantages and disadvantages in both ways so I found it equal.

Solo traveling is more peaceful, relaxing and inspiring. With friend is more secure and easier, Sometimes its cheaper too.

Do you make plans/itinerary or just go with the flow ?

Most of my travels are flexible and following the flow, a cheap flight ticket could change the whole plan and move my direction from place to another in one day!

What kinda travelling excites you (trekking/ local stay/glam vacation)?

Anything that is more into nature and far from the city, doing a safari in African national parks or trekking to remote mountain villages for me are much more exciting than shopping in Paris or touring around London.

Any extreme adventures that you’ve been part of? If yes, what was your favorite?

Honestly am not that active in this part, probably the most extreme thing I did is my trekking to Everest Base Camp, yet when I reached Victoria falls in Zambia, I dare not to do the famous bungee jumping there ,, so I can’t call myself an extreme outdoors adventurer!

Kaboson, one of Mara’s leopards #Kenya #Africa #Travel

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Of all the places you’ve been where do you think is a must travel destination?

Everest region (Nepal) – Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater (Tanzania) Tasmania Island (Australia) and Fraser’s Hill (Malaysia)

Which place is on the top of your bucket list?

Definitely Alaska and Mongolia

Favorite trips for travelers?

– Spend less money in accommodation unless you are going on your honeymoon

– ‎Always keep a backup camera even if its just a mobile

– ‎Start your day early, don’t waste the day on sleeping .. avoid the evening walks specially in Africa.

– ‎Use local transportation, its much cheaper and good chance to meet the locals

– ‎Why visit one country only if you can cross the borders and visit the neighbors.. try this if you have time and no visa issue, its cheaper way to increase your travel list.

– ‎Ear plugs and headphone are essential to face any sudden uncontrolled noise. Don’t forget it.

– Pack less stuff, and be ready to wash your cloths many times, its more practical

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