Best Bhyaar-Bhyaare Momos in Kathmandu valley

Momos are the quintessence of food of Kathmandu valley  

Momos are definitely the favorite and most consumed dish in Kathmandu. Top of the food chain in Lunch menu of most people. For some, momos are daily delicacy. Not only is momo famous among the locals but it has, in recent years been famous among the foreigners. I, personally, have never met a foreigner who said that “He/She” didn’t like/love momos.

Though the provenance of momos are uncertain, it is understood that the origin is attributed to Tibetan culture. But in the last decades or two, the Nepali food industry has turned it into its own and brought a different essence to it. Typically a Momo is a steamed bun with filling of meat or vegetables, sharing a resemblance with Dumplings. Nowadays there are vast arrays of Momos found in the city. The usual Steamed momos, Fried momos, C (Chilli) or Spicy Momos and lately Green momos have hit the streets as well. Whatever the type, they are just too good to be true! I’m not sure how far the history of momo dates in Kathmandu and if there were momos in the time of Prithivi Narayan Shah, one of the reasons he might have attacked Kathmandu might been for the momos!

Of all the different types of momos, the best ones are the local “Bhyaarbhyaare” momos! Not sure if everyone has heard the term Bhyaarbhyaare momos, but they are those typical local momos with Jhol (soup). The term Bhyaarbhyaare comes from the sound of the stoves in the momo place. No sight is more beautiful than the steamers of stoves roaring loud with a sound and dispersing smell of love that we call momos! As the lids open and the gust of vapor hits the nose, watering your mouth even more so than the droplet filled underside of the lid covering the momos. Oh! Momos!


Momos from Baglamukhi Swadista momo! 

There are tons of Momo places in and around Kathmandu but there are very few good momo places when it comes to Bhyaarbhyaare momos! I’m going to outline few of the best Bhyaarbhaare momos in town:

No 6. Bishal Momo: Ranjana Galli

Bishal Momo in Ranjana galli is definitely the top five momo places in Kathmandu. Opposite to the converse showroom in Ranjana galli, it is one of the very old and famous momo places. They have very good momos plus plenty of space, which mostly lacks in most of the Bhyaarbhyaare momos. They serve Buff, Chicken and Veg momos, but they’re most famous for the Buff Momos. You’ve got to try their momos once. Also don’t forget to ask for the extra achar not included in the plate! It’s goood!

No 5. Shandar Momo: Sankhamul

Shaandar momo definitely has very Shaandar momos! It have become a very famous momo place in Kathmandu in the recent years. The momo is good, I find the soup to be a bit inconsistent at times but has an over all good taste to it!

No 4. Baglamukhi Swadista Mahabharat Momo: Patan Dhoka

That’s one hell of a religious name for a place to serve a dish with meat. Reminds me of Haribansha and Madan Krishna’s tv series “Kantipur” and the buffalo. Anyways, this place has amazing momos, few steps ahead of the Patan Dhoka gate it is one of the famous Bhyaarbhyaare momos in Lalitpur! The soup is so good and very very consistent, and there’s this Achaar that’s top notch as well. The place is pretty small and mostly occupied all the time, specially during the lunch time its absolutely over crowded. The next best thing about this place is they serve Chicken momos for 110 rupees and you’ll be surprised to see the size of it and the amount of meat in it! Definitely has the best chicken momo in town on that price!

No 3. Everest Momo: Bhagwati Bahal (Naxal)

On the scale of known to famous, Everest Momo has to be the most famous momo center in Kathmandu. In the early days of momos flourishing market, Everest momo undoubtably ruled the momo market in Nepal, people used to queue up in the door during lunch hour to get momos! And its still going strong! It’s not as jam packed as it used to be but it’s still favorite among many momo lovers. Though they’ve hiked the price of momos recently, compared to other Bhyaarbhyaare momo centers, they surely haven’t lost the loyal customers. They’re definitely one of the progenitors of Momos in Kathmandu.

No 2. Narayan Dai ko Momo : Raatopul 

On the famous scale, Narayan dai ko momo comes hand to hand with Everest momo. It’s definitely  one of the most famous momo places in Kathmandu, specially for its “Jhol”. The momo there is so good and with a top Jhol, no wonder its a favorite momo junction for momo junkies! The best thing about the place is how beautifully they can keep their momos and Jhol consistent! If you haven’t tried momos there, then you’ve missing out a lot!

No 1. New Swadilo Momo: Kumari Galli 

New Swadilo momo started out as a small outlet and few years later, its established as one of the top momo centers in Kathmandu. The place is absolutely crowded all the time, they ran out of momos even before the daylight ends. Plus they’re just too good and the soup is comparatively thinner than other outlets but its very good. The best thing about the place is that it looks very hygienic, they make (not just cook) the momos right in front of you in plain sight and it looks clean! The momos taste exceptionally good as well!



Photo Source : Ektaarey

The order of the momo centers might differ among individuals but no doubt that these 6 centers are the best momo places in the valley! The order mentioned above is as per my Personal experience in all of those places! It might be different for you! 

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