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We have all been in the place where we need to make a report/thesis or any such research paper. And the most painful task is not the content itself but the citation/references and the format of it! There are lots of formats and every one of them has got a different style of citing. It’s a tiresome job to write the name of the researcher, the date of publication the title and what not!

There’s an easy way to do it! You can download software called “Endnote” you can get it on the Endnote website; you can buy it or get a trial version for free, which lasts for 30 days or so. Or you can download it from Torrent for free.
After you download and install the software, you will see the endnote menu bar on you Ms Word. (Photo)


(Click on the photo to enlarge)

And to add the research papers on your Endnote library, what you have to do is, go to Then look for the paper you’re interested in, as in the photo above, I’ve searched for all the papers in Gharial population. And you’ll get a list of papers on your subject, now what you have to do is, look at the “Cite” button on the bottom of that paper and click it which will give you a pop out window like this


So after that window is on, all you have to do is click that “Import to Endnote” or just endnote option ! Then once the file is downloaded double click it and it will go into the Endnote library.


After that Open your Ms word, and type whatever your content is and when you need to cite it, Click on the endnote option on Word. You’ll see an option “Insert Citation” on the left hand side below “File”

Click that “Insert Citation” and you’ll get another window like this



Then look for the paper on that “Find” section and once you’ve done that you’ll see all the papers related to that search key, which can be Paper title or the name of the person. Then Click insert and you’re “Citation” will be inserted in the context as well as at the same time, references will pile up at the end of the paper with the format you desire. Either it is APA or MLA!! You can can change the formats as you like!

For example, if you’re writing about Gharial Population and you start with “According to (Someone) then After you write According to, click on Endnote option then insert Citation and then look for that person you’re trying to quote and click insert and then the citation will be automatically added after “According to ….” along with reference at the end.

Finally it looks like this!!


Lastly there’s are lots of style for citation and you can use your desired format, for that you have to go to style (Photo: Below) And if you’re desired format is not listed you can click “Select Another style” and you will find various options there!!

Hope I’ve made my self clear!! If you haven’t understood it yet, feel free to contact me

This is just a simple blog on how to download Citations and use it! A detailed blog in this topic will be uploaded soon! 

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