Mission Impossible- Fallout : Review

Ethan Hunt is back again! To be honest, I had been waiting for this movie for a long time. It’s one of those movies that I’d actually wait to watch. I know that most of you don’t prefer or are not entirely entertained by the franchise but personally, I love this series. It’s always packed up with things you’d need in a action/adventure movies.

I was recently told by a friend how the name of the movie doesn’t make sense in that, it’s Mission Impossible, but in the end the mission always turns out to be possible. But a movie called Mission Possible wouldn’t be a fun movie right?

Most of the plots in the last few movies were kind of cliche, can’t say that this one isn’t but it surely has some good twist and turns for sure, some that you might not anticipate.

As usual, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is left to save the world, this time from a group called the Apostles, who are trying to obtain plutonium to mess up the world, basically to blow stuff up and that too not in a good way. Ethan gets a surprise team member forced by the CIA, who turns out to be an interesting character to the plot. Plus, there’s insane twist to who can trust who, at one point everyone reaches a point where they can’t trust anyone including themselves. After losing the plutonium while saving his dear friend Luther, Ethan is under extreme pressure to get the Plutonium back, but that’s not an easy task, as he has to go through a series of test before he can get what he wants. Plenty of plot twists in there too. The action scenes are impressive, whether its taking care of a oxygen mask while falling off the sky or learning to fly helicopter within seconds to doing insane maneuver along the mountains of Kashmir, to be honest, based on the scenes with mountain and landscape it’s definitely higher than 4500 meters , where it would be a huge challenge to even fly the helicopter properly , but it’s easy as it can be , because Ethan Hunt. For someone who is not a fan of Mission Impossible franchise, the stunts might be unrealistic and all, which I agree with to some point, but it is a movie and well we have to accept stuff like that, like the helicopter stunts. The closest action/adventure movie that comes close to being realistic and one of my favorite movies of all time has to be “Die Hard” – Also, who doesn’t love Die Hard? Mission Impossible does remind me of Die Hard but Die Hard is way superior thought 😉

Nevertheless, there are few exciting twists and turns in the latest version and is definitely worth a watch. This is not a biased review, the movie is actually good for real.

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