The Robot Inside Us

The Robot Inside Us

I’m pretty much obsessed with Boston Dynamics right now, and I was talking to a friend of mine last week. I asked her to watch the Boston Dynamics’ videos like I ask everyone who seem interested in technology and stuff.

She wasn’t quite excited to see the Robot at first but after few videos, she seemed impressed. Then I passed on the idea of how the next evolution in earth could be that of robots. All we needed was some kickass robot with functional hands (opposable thumbs if possible) and then the revolution would start. She seemed unconvinced, as expected.

“They’ll never be as smart as us” she said. “Computers can only do things we ask them to do. They can never outsmart us or do things independently like we can”.

But then, what do you call being independent? On what level of functionality are we independent? If you come to think of it, we are as equally programmed as the computers are. Imagine it like this. We are or what we do is execution of the program that has been written in our DNA. We are what the codes make us, whatever the sequence or the program is, we are executed in similar fashion. Just like the computers are, its just that we are made up of organic matter and they’re not.

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